Zavod za kreativno produkcijo Emzin je nepridobitna organizacija, ki od leta 1995 aktivno in kontinuirano deluje na področju kulture in umetnosti. Osnovni koncept programa zavoda je preplet založniške, razstavne in izobraževalne dejavnosti ter drugih oblik promocije vseh zvrsti vizualnih komunikacij kot angažiranega ustvarjalnega odziva na aktualno dogajanje v sodobni družbi. Tako razstavni kot izobraževalni in založniški projekti vključujejo grafično oblikovanje, ilustracijo in fotografijo, pogosto tudi preplete posameznih zvrsti.


Evžen Sobek
photographer, Brno
Peter Granser
photographer, Stuttgart

Evžen Sobek: Blue worlds

Peter Granser: 2000 - 2012


The lecture was held in Cankarjev dom, Cultural and Congress Centre, in Hall M3/4, on Wednesday, 22 January 2014, at 7 p.m.


Evžen Sobek: Blue worlds

"All of sudden I found myself in “Blue period”... Beginning of that era dates back to 2006 when I discovered holiday resorts and bizzare fisherman camps situated on the banks of the artificial lakes in the southern part of the Czech Republic. There was no blue color present at the beginning of the project but when doing first scans and editing all of sudden the blue naturaly came up and brought into the prints the significant feeling I experienced in that area... I realized there must be something magical we experience under blue sky...something what brings a joy into our lives...something what makes us feel comfortable...something absolutely essential for our existence... Perhaps this is the reason why the blue follows me until now... "



Peter Granser 2000-20012

Peter Granser started his autodidactic development in photography in the late 1990s. He is an observer of daily life and his work is related to social and  sociopolitical backgrounds. In his lecture he gave an overview of his work, from the past 12 years. After focussing on the ageing society and America, it´s political, economical and cultural influence on the rest of the world, his work from 2008 on combines photography, video and sound. His last three projects investigate the meaning of home and the loss of it. Granser is a member of the POC-Project.


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