Zavod za kreativno produkcijo Emzin je nepridobitna organizacija, ki od leta 1995 aktivno in kontinuirano deluje na področju kulture in umetnosti. Osnovni koncept programa zavoda je preplet založniške, razstavne in izobraževalne dejavnosti ter drugih oblik promocije vseh zvrsti vizualnih komunikacij kot angažiranega ustvarjalnega odziva na aktualno dogajanje v sodobni družbi. Tako razstavni kot izobraževalni in založniški projekti vključujejo grafično oblikovanje, ilustracijo in fotografijo, pogosto tudi preplete posameznih zvrsti.

Exhibitions programme

The common denominator in Emzin’s exhibitions programme is three genres of visual communication: graphic design, illustration and photography. The plan combines internationally acclaimed authors from Europe and beyond to be presented to the Slovenian audience as well as contemporary Slovenian authors to be promoted in the international cultural sphere. Special attention is being paid to first solo and group presentations of young Slovenian graphic designers, illustrators and photographers.

With its programme of Exhibitions, Emzin is hosted by several Slovenian galleries on a regular basis: NLB Avla Gallery, Cankarjev dom Culture and Congress Centre, Fotografija Gallery, Vžigalica Gallery (Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana,Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) and National Museum of Contemporary History (MNZS). The programme contains original production exclusively – i.e. exhibitions that comply with the Institute's concepts and are formed for the chosen gallery specifically.

Since 1993, Emzin has acted as selector and producer for several galleries, having selected and realised more than 95 exhibitions from fields of visual communication by foreign and Slovenian authors and artistic teams.

Since 2000, NLB Avla Gallery has been developing under the art direction of Emzin to become an established gallery focusing on presentations of top Slovenian and foreign authors working in graphic design, illustration and photography. The gallery has acquired a regular expert audience, at the same time arousing enthusiasm in everybody who follows contemporary art. It thus became a space of learning both for lovers and connoisseurs of contemporary visual arts. Exceptional recognisability of and great attention to Emzin's exhibitions are further ensured by the gallery's specific location and thus a high frequency of visits to NLB Avla Gallery.

Aims of the exhibitions programme include protection of the public interest in the field of visual arts and promotion of intercultural dialogue. This is also a reason for intense cooperation with foreign institutions (embassies, cultural centres, public and private galleries, foreign foundations), which support our efforts and contribute to the programme realisation as donors, sponsors and counsellors.

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