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Protey Temen (Russia): Black and White Exhibition

NLB Avla Gallery, Trg Republike 2, Ljubljana

16 May 2013 — 12 September 2013

Protey Temen was born in 1984 in Moscow and has been creating and designing for most of his life. Over the last 8 years he has been working in a field that covers design as well as art. He studied at the Art and Production Department of the Humanitarian Institute of Television and Radio for a year (2011) and then transferred to the International Institute of Advertising, specialising in art direction, where he graduated in 2006. He joined ZungeDesign Studio in 2004 and was promoted to Art Director in 2004. He has worked freelance since 2008. The following year, he launched an art project group called Krovi with Dima Kavko. In 2010, the group won the Bronze Prize at the European Design Awards for the project Dollars and Rozes. His current work is marked by the on-going project Abstract Identity, which is supplied by various workshops, publications and exhibitions.


This exhibition will showcase posters and prints which the author has designed especially for this occasion. The concept of his work is best described as abstract identity, workaday spectacularity. Extremes such as body and spirit, artificial and natural, real and abstract are confronted in his work, producing a spark in their collision. The dialogue between these two extremes grows by itself, and is compared by the author to “growing flesh on the carcass”. That carcass becomes a framework, peeped in the environment, taken out of context. To be able to provide acute attention to each subject, the use of language of abstraction seems appropriate. Flexible, vibrant and absorbing new meanings taken out of context. As a result, we obtain artefacts of these events. A chronicle documenting itself.


Sergey Serov, curator and critic, has written the following about the author: 


For the first time I saw a couple of his posters was when I was in the Selection committee of the Golden Bee-6 in 2004. He was 20 at the time. He would still come to us at Higher Academic School of Graphic Design and, as I remember, he looked like a gothic metal punk, manic murderer trying to look like Marilyn Manson. His posters were rather composed, traditional – metaphors in the spirit of the Polish school, easily retold. The same was true for the campaign poster devoted to the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl: a foot kicks out a support from under the globe that sits on a pyramid made of a whale, a turtle and an elephant. Then he got into pop art and abstract art, he found his recognizable style, original and sharp, sometimes really “on the edge”. But at the same time his own image became, on the contrary, quite modest and respectable.


The exhibition will open on Thursday 16th May 2013 and will run until 12th September 2013. The gallery is open every working day from 8 am until 6 pm.




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