Zavod za kreativno produkcijo Emzin je nepridobitna organizacija, ki od leta 1995 aktivno in kontinuirano deluje na področju kulture in umetnosti. Osnovni koncept programa zavoda je preplet založniške, razstavne in izobraževalne dejavnosti ter drugih oblik promocije vseh zvrsti vizualnih komunikacij kot angažiranega ustvarjalnega odziva na aktualno dogajanje v sodobni družbi. Tako razstavni kot izobraževalni in založniški projekti vključujejo grafično oblikovanje, ilustracijo in fotografijo, pogosto tudi preplete posameznih zvrsti.

Emzin Arts Magazine

In 2012 Emzin Arts Magazine entered its twenty-second year of being published without interruption. From its first fanzine-like steps in the observance of alternative social, cultural and artistic developments in Ljubljana and Slovenia, in two decades Emzin evolved into a magazine exploring the topical cultural, artistic and social phenomena.

Since 1995, each edition has been arranged in the form of a compendium of diverse genres and visual presentations exploring a chosen theme. The editorial board picks topics based on what is relevant – for the Slovenian as well as wider global environment – yet most of them continue have a timeless and universal effect. This seeming general quality at the same time poses a certain challenge: the starting point might often be excessively mundane and self-evident, but this is exactly why its appeal for a thorough consideration is all the more emphasised.

The fundamental features of Emzin magazine include critical exploration of chosen topics and original articles by socially committed authors, with special attention being paid to graphic design, original photography and illustration. The concept of a thematic magazine encourages the flow of expert knowledge between various institutions, intellectual teams and establishments without ever ignoring the needs of readers. Varied contents of Emzin are accompanied and encapsulated by the considerate visual image that remains the trademark of the only such arts magazine in Slovenia.

Regular sections in thematic issues include: interview (with renowned Slovenian and foreign personalities providing their personal expert views of the topic explored), stories (a completed set of an author's extremely personal views on the chosen topic; each story being supported with a specifically made illustration by a young Slovenian or renowned foreign author), theory (an interdisciplinary set of expert texts by eminent theoreticians of diverse fields: sociology, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, economy, art history, etc.), diary (intimate notes by introspective individuals), readings (essays by chosen authors writing about the chosen topic from various aspects), reflections (personal considerations in the form of columns), a visual essay (various artists – photographers, illustrators, graphic designers – of various generations from home and abroad express their opinions with regard to the chosen topic in their original images), translations of texts from the field of humanities (first and repeated publications in Slovenian language), Slovenian fiction (first publications of literary texts) and translations of foreign fiction (first and repeated publications of works by foreign authors in Slovenian language).

The list of topics published so far reads like chosen sections from anthropology of everyday life. Between 1995 and 2012, Emzin explored the following themes from fields of general culture and society:

Photograph; Film; Internet; European Month of Culture; Advertising, Propaganda, Publicity; Trivial Art, Trash, Kitsch; Body; Graphic Design; Home; Love; Journey; Identity; Women; Death; Money; Pleasure; Communication; Work; Food; Values; Fear; Humour; Property; Control; Intelligence, Contemporary Russia; Time; Image and Deception; Memory; Language; American Dream; Childhood; Contemporary Social Movements; The Mediterranean, The World of Things, Borders of the City and Alternatives.

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