Zavod za kreativno produkcijo Emzin je nepridobitna organizacija, ki od leta 1995 aktivno in kontinuirano deluje na področju kulture in umetnosti. Osnovni koncept programa zavoda je preplet založniške, razstavne in izobraževalne dejavnosti ter drugih oblik promocije vseh zvrsti vizualnih komunikacij kot angažiranega ustvarjalnega odziva na aktualno dogajanje v sodobni družbi. Tako razstavni kot izobraževalni in založniški projekti vključujejo grafično oblikovanje, ilustracijo in fotografijo, pogosto tudi preplete posameznih zvrsti.

About the competition

Based on its long tradition, the number of participants, expert jury and the attention it has been attracting, the competition Photography of the Year, which is organised by Emzin Institute and co-organised by Cankarjev Dom Culture and Congress Centre, has been established in the public mind as the central Slovenian photography competition.

The Photography of the Year project aims to encourage the development of quality art and press photography, the tradition of which in Slovenia reaches far back. The project also promotes the dialogue on photography related issues and seeks to raise its reputation among the professional, critical and general cultural publics. These aims are being implemented by means of an annual competition, by rewarding and exhibiting the best among the submitted works, and indirectly by publishing the rewarded sets and presenting the winning authors in Emzin Arts Magazine. The selection of photographs is executed by an independent expert jury composed of five members: renowned Slovenian and foreign authorities and experts from fields of artistic and press photography.

The Photography of the Year project was first organised by Emzin Institute in 1993, and has been running without interruption since 1997. In all these years it has been gaining renown and referential value among Slovenian photographers, with the number of submitted works growing higher every year. Due to our constant efforts to enhance the project's concept, the expert jury includes new names in each edition.

Since 2006, the jury has again began to include one or more members from abroad, which has led to the establishment of an accompanying event in cooperation with Cankarjev dom – free presentations by visiting jury members for competition participants and the interested public. Foreign members of the jury who have so far presented their views of photography within the Photography of the Year competition include: Christopher Anderson (USA), Wade Goddard (New Zealand/Croatia), Ziyah Gafić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Balazs Gardi (Hungary), Reiner Riedler (Austria), Antoine D'Agata (France), Klavdij Sluban (Slovenia/France), Thijs Wolzak (the Netherlands), Andrew Testa (UK), Milan Jaroš (the Czech Republic) and Philippe Bordas (France)), Karel Cudlín (the Czech Republic), Harry Gruyaert (France), Evžen Sobek (the Czech Republic), Peter Granser (Austria/Germany).

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