Zavod za kreativno produkcijo Emzin je nepridobitna organizacija, ki od leta 1995 aktivno in kontinuirano deluje na področju kulture in umetnosti. Osnovni koncept programa zavoda je preplet založniške, razstavne in izobraževalne dejavnosti ter drugih oblik promocije vseh zvrsti vizualnih komunikacij kot angažiranega ustvarjalnega odziva na aktualno dogajanje v sodobni družbi. Tako razstavni kot izobraževalni in založniški projekti vključujejo grafično oblikovanje, ilustracijo in fotografijo, pogosto tudi preplete posameznih zvrsti.

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Vision and mission of Emzin institute

Emzin Institute of Creative Production is a non-profit organisation that has been active in the field of culture and arts continuously since 1995. The basic concept of Institute's programme is a combination of publishing, exhibiting and educational activities and other types of promoting all genres of visual communication in the form of a committed creative response to what is going on in the contemporary society. Our educational and publishing projects alike include graphic design, illustration and photography, and often also combinations of the three fields.

Institute's programme comprises the following activities:

- publishing Emzin Arts Magazine (1990–),
- organising the major Slovenian photography competition and exhibition Photography of the Year (1993–),
- organising educational seminars in visual communication (1997–),
- selection and production of visual communication exhibitions in several galleries (2000–).

Within the cohesive programme with the common denominator in visual communication, Emzin organises presentations of internationally acclaimed authors coming from Europe and beyond focusing on the domestic interested public, as well as promotions of contemporary Slovenian authors in the international cultural sphere. The entire programme of Emzin Institute is being conceived so as to implement the public interest in the field of visual arts.

With its diversified programme, the Institute wishes to make an active contribution to the Slovenian cultural sphere and attract a growing number of visitors of all ages. Considering the programme focus, we expect the main result of successfully executed projects to be an improvement in expert and general knowledge in the field of visual communication and a raised awareness on the importance of the field we represent. Based on intense international cooperation in the sense of a direct exchange of opinions and experience as well as a confrontation of achievements by Slovenian and foreign authors, we wish to make a considerable contribution to the development of disciplines in Slovenia.

Emzin's projects are intended for everybody active in the very field of visual communication (designers, students of design and related disciplines, illustrators, photographers, typographers, creative directors in advertising agencies, technical directors, computer graphics operators, designers of TV graphics, webpage designers, etc.), as well as those having indirect contacts with the field (public relations representatives, editors of print and digital media, journalists, etc.) and wider interested public.

The institute's projects are non-profit and partly funded by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Republic of Slovenia, City Municipality of Ljubljana (Department of Culture) and Slovenian Book Agency. Our activities are also partly financed by occasional sponsors, foreign embassies and cultural centres in Slovenia and foreign cultural foundations.


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